Research Frontiers

e a Divulgação Multicampi Internacional


UFF| Outubro – Dezembro, 2023

Norman Arthur Ratcliffe

Agnes Marie Sá Figueiredo

Valéria Laneuville Teixeira

Antonio Carlos de Souza Lima (invited)

Björn Kjerfve (invited)

Dale Wayne Tomich (invited)

The Federal Fluminense University hosts this event with the participation of over 20 visiting researchers, in addition to its own researchers who will moderate this international scientific dissemination event.

The International Meeting of Biological, Biotechnological, and Health Sciences of the Federal Fluminense University is going to be held in its ninth edition with the challenge of establishing connections with all the UFF units in its nine cities in the State of Rio de Janeiro, as well as with the federal universities of Roraima and Mato Grosso and the Federal Institute of Acre, which are institutions from the North and Midwest regions and are part of the scientific committee, assisting in the selection of information of interest to these regions.

Taking advantage of the computer-based/remote learning acquired during the pandemic, our event, which is entirely conducted in English, will now allow the dissemination of research in the areas of Science and Biotechnology beyond the UFF headquarters in Niterói, with the support of the Pro-rectorate of Research, Postgraduate Studies, and Innovation, and the Innovation Agency of our university, which is the largest in terms of the number of students in the country, being responsible for the education of over 70,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The objective of this ninth edition is to use the event to create conditions for all these spaces to improve their ability to participate in a semi-presential manner in these events throughout UFF. For that purpose, the idea is to make use of this major event that will feature renowned researchers such as Dr. Maria Lucia Zaidan Dagli from USP, Full Professor and 1A Fellow of CNPq, and Dr. Norman Ratcliffe from Swansea University, considered one of the most active researchers at UFF (https://www.guiadeniteroi.com/pesquisadores-da-uff-entre-os-mais-influentes-do-mundo), who also serves as a visiting professor in the Graduate Program in Science and Biotechnology (http://biotec.uff.br). In our event, 20 visiting researchers from UFF will also be invited to participate in the planned presentations, addressing frontier topics in various fields, justifying the “Research Frontiers” part of the title and the International Multicampus Dissemination.

A Universidade Federal Fluminense sedia esse evento a partir da participação de mais de 20 pesquisadores visitantes, além de seus próprios pesquisadores que irão moderar essa divulgação científica internacional.

O lnternational  Meeting of Biological, Biotechnological  and Health Sciences of Federal Fluminense  University vai ser realizado em sua nona edição com o desafio agora de estabelecer conexões com todas   as unidades da UFF em suas nove cidades do Estado do Rio de janeiro e com as universidades federais de Roraima e do Mato Grosso e o Instituto federal do Acre que são instituições das regiões Norte e Centro­ Oeste e que estão na comissão científica, auxiliando nas escolhas quanto as informações de interesse a essas regiões.

Aproveitando o aprendizado computacional/remoto obtido durante a pandemia, o nosso evento que é todo realizado em inglês, vai agora permitir a divulgação na área de Ciências e Biotecnologia para além da sede da UFF em Niterói, com o apoio da Pro-reitoria de Pesquisa, Pós-graduação e Inovação e da Agência de Inovação de nossa universidade, que é a maior em número de alunos do país, tendo a responsabilidade com a formação de mais de 70.000 alunos de graduação e pós.

O objetivo dessa nona edição é aproveitar o evento para criar condições para que todos esses espaços melhorem suas condições de participar de forma semi-presencial desses eventos em toda a UFF. Para isso a ideia é conseguir utilizar esse grande evento que contará com pesquisadores renomados como a Dra. Maria Lucia Zaidan Dagli da USP, professora Titular e Bolsista 1A do CNPq e o Dr Norman Ratcliffe da Swansea University, considerado um dos pesquisadores mais ativos na UFF, (https://www.guiadeniteroi.com/pesquisadores-da-uff-entre-os-mais-influentes-do-mundo)  e que atua como professor visitante do Programa de Pós-graduação em Ciências e Biotecnologia ( http://biotec.uff.br ). Em nosso evento, 20 pesquisadores visitantes da UFF serão ainda convidados para participar nas apresentações já planejadas, envolvendo tema de fronteiras nas mais diferentes áreas, justificando a  parte do título Research Frontiers e a Divulgação Multicampi Internacional.

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Production of hyperimmune sera: a study of digestion and fractionation methodologies for the purification process of heterologous immunoglobulins

Norman Arthur Ratcliffe


The gene regulatory network of Staphylococcus aureus ST239-SCCmecIII strain Bmb9393 and assessment of genes associated with the biofilm in diverse backgrounds

Agnes Marie Sa Figueiredo (convidada)


Studies in contact sociolinguistics in Brazil: ethnolinguistic diversity in focus

Monica Maria Guimaraes Savedra


Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Canine Hemangiosarcoma: A Review Based on a Consensus Organized by the Brazilian Association of Veterinary Oncology

Maria Lucia Zaidan Dagli


Comparative Literature in Brazil: From an Ethnocentric Perspective to a Dialogue of Cultures

Eduardo de Faria Coutinho (convidado)


Essay on the Fluminense Economy: From Historical-Structural Alienation to Manifest Crisis

Jorge Luiz Alves Natal (convidado)


Participation of ecto-5¿-nucleotidase in the inflammatory response in an adult zebrafish (Danio rerio) model

Rosane Souza da Silva (convidada)


Magnetic dynamics of NiMn2O4 spinel produced by a simple aqueous sol-gel route

Miguel Alexandre Novak (convidado)




Anthropology and the State in Brazil: questions concerning a complex relationship

Antonio Carlos de Souza Lima (convidado)


Antivirulence Bispecific Monoclonal Antibody-Mediated Protection against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in a Rabbit Model

Fabio Aguiar Alves


Effects of different doses of estradiol benzoate used in a cervical relaxation protocol on the success of non-surgical embryo recovery and luteal function in superovulated ewes

Joanna Maria Gonçalves de Souza Fabjan


Low-frequency circulation on the Ilha Grande channel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Björn Kjerfve (convidado)


Chloroquinolone Carboxamide Derivatives as New Anti-HSV-1 Promising Drugs

Izabel Christina Nunes de Palmer Paixão


 Impact of Subsyndromal Delirium Occurrence and Its Trajectory during ICU Stay

Jose Roberto Lapa e Silva (convidado)


Linear Pullback Components of the Space of Codimension One Foliations

Israel Vainsencher (convidado)


Hopf bifurcation for a fractional van der Pol oscillator and applications to aerodynamics: implications in flutter

Reinaldo Rodriguez Ramos (convidado)


Archives and memories: postcolonial identities in mass cultural product

Giulia Crippa (convidada)




The use of digital technologies in education and health promotion against covid 19 in institutionalized elderly

Sergio Crespo Coelho da Silva Pinto


How does the brown mussel Perna perna respond to environmental pollution? A review on pollution biomarkers.

Valeria Laneuville Teixeira


The Use of Hydroxyapatite Loaded with Doxycycline (HADOX) in Dentoalveolar Surgery as a Risk-Reduction Therapeutic Protocol in Subjects Treated with Different Bisphosphonate Dosages

Jose Mauro Granjeiro


Reconstructing the Landscapes of Slavery: A Visual History of the Plantation in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World

Dale Wayne Tomich (convidado)


Traditional practices and sustainable development: local sustainability indicators among caiçaras and quilombolas in Bocaina

Jeni Vaitsman (convidada)


Black Otherness on Stage – Conversations in a Circle. Marimbondo

Leda Maria Martins (convidada)


Microwave pretreatment of biomass for conversion of lignocellulosic materials into renewable biofuels

Jayr de Amorim Filho (convidado)


Knowledge, Creativity, and Productivity from the Perspective of Usage-Based Functional Linguistics

Maria Angélica Furtado da Cunha (convidada)

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